In November 2015, I got a grant from the Knight Foundation to make 8 new issues of Stupor. Each issue will also have a video component to shed some light on the artist who created the design work. So I’ll be posting those here as well as videos of readings, etc.

Stupor Presents: Soft Gun with Alex Buzzalini from Steve Hughes on Vimeo.

Alex Buzzalini did the art and layout for the Fall 2016 issue of Stupor, titled Soft Gun. I started work on this video long before we had much idea about what his issue would be about. It turned out that failure was a subject we both felt connected to. It’s nicely demonstrated by the pathetic lilt of the soft gun. I filmed it. Jessica Frelinghuysen edited.

Stupor Reading from Nancy J. Rodwan on Vimeo.

Nancy Rodwan, a Detroit film artist, came to the release party for Stupor: Turning Blue, April 30, 2016. Her video documents the reading of the issue in its entirety. Besides me, it features Bill Ciesliga, Katie Grace McGowan, Michael Jackman, and Danielle Etienne.

Stupor Presents: Graem Whyte from Steve Hughes on Vimeo.

This video connects to the 2016 issue, Turning Blue, which was assembled by the artist Graem Whyte. I filmed it and edited it myself.

Steve Hughes reads Lucky Fucking Day from Lyra Hill on Vimeo.

Back in 2013, I read at the MOCAD (Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit) as part of a project built by Chicago artist and performer Lyra Hill called Brain Frame. I created the background images which were projected on a screen behind me as I read.

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