The Sound Experience of StuporHell yeah! Stupor has indeed branched off in an unusual direction.

I’m preparing to perform from a series of work that I wrote over the last year. The stories are part of a collection titled “Wasted.” They’re mostly about or inspired by drinking one-too-many beers here in Hamtramck, on the good side of 8-mile, at bars such as The Atlas, The New Dodge, Baker Streetcar Bar, Whiskey in a Jar, The Motor City Sports Bar, Kelly’s, Turtle and Inky’s, and Hippos too. While I read them, I play an assemblage of my favorite busted instruments. Backing me up, Chris Peters lays it out on guitar, and Nick Cacchetti twists knobs and does crazy shit that makes the sound flail all over the place.

As a small part of the Neighborhood Arts Festival, we’ll be playing a Elijah’s in Hamtramck. 10:30 on October 10th. It’ll be our first chance to make noise in front of an audience. In the meantime, check this track out. It’s called “Happiness.”