Check it out. Emily Wood is working on the art for the Fall 2017 issue of Stupor. I made this video about her work to give you an idea of where she’s coming from and how we got around to the idea of collecting stories about Trash. Yes, nasty and wonderful trash. I filmed her in the Fall of 2016. Jessica Frelinghuysen edited, and we together we published the video in June of 2017.

Also, You gotta read this: The gritty optimism of artist Emily Jane Wood. It’s a nice companion piece to the video.

For more info about Emily Wood go to

Alex Buzzalini did the art and layout for the Fall 2016 issue of Stupor, titled Soft Gun. I started work on this video long before we had much idea about what his issue would be about. It turned out that failure was a subject we both felt connected to. It’s nicely demonstrated by the pathetic lilt of the soft gun. I filmed it. Jessica Frelinghuysen edited.

This is Graem Whyte. He’s a super interesting artist who lives in Hamtramck and runs a great community art space/complex called Popps Packing—he and his wife do. Graem did all the layout work for the 2016 issue of Stupor: Turning Blue. So check it out and you’ll see what he’s up to and what makes his work so great.